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18 may. 2011


            PERFECTO: Synonymous of a perfect balance between design, function and quality.

In SYSTEMA : CLESSYDRA, CYLINDER, OVALLY and PYPEDO express at their best these qualities combining different materials such as wood and ceramics, perfume and essences. Refill from 250 ml are available in the six fragrances of our collection.

The result is an object from pure and clean lines, that discretely decorates while releasing gradually and constantly a very pleasant scent.

In the
LIVING PERFUME diffusers line, great consideration is given to every aspect in singles details, from the choice of the glass to the wooden stopper to the excellent quality of the fragrances with extraordinary scent capability.

 The Diffusers are supplied in three sizes depending on the setting dimensions in which they will be utilized:
The 500 ml is ideal for medium size rooms (up to 30 square meters); 
250 and 100 ml are for smaller venues (up to 10 square meters) like bathrooms or just placed on desks.



 -Legni: Teak and Tonka bark with notes of Sandal wood, Moroccan Cedar and Indonesian Patchouli.
 -Spezie: leaves of Mandarin , sweet Cinnamon from Ceylon and Incense
 -Mandarancio: blossomed notes of Lemon, Rosewood and sweet Orange 
 -Pompelmo: essence of African Geranium, pinkish Grapefruit and Orange flowers
 -Gelsidea: white flowers, wild Orchid, sweet notes of Ylang-Ylang from Comore's Islands
 -Mare: fresh marine notes of Anise and Orange.

Their sleek design makes them ideal for any environment; their quality makes them appreciated by who loves to give a very personalized scent to his home.

11 may. 2011

Red Wing Shoes since 1905

El Calzado de quienes construyeron las refinerias del ferrocail, plataformas petrolíferas, muelles, los que pasaban de pie todo el día en una fabrica...Hoy en Brandscelona.

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The shoes of those who built the ferrocail refineries, oil platforms, piers, who spent all day standing in a factory .....Today in Brandscelona.

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Men's Classic lifestyle boot.

Engineer boot.

Bienvenidos -Welcome

Hola a todos!
Bienvenidos a nuestro nuevo Blog.
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Hi everyone! 
Welcome to our new blog.
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We will show you our products, you'll love it!

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